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The Management of Moi University is committed to providing quality education and services that meet the needs of its clients and stakeholders through quality and relevant teaching and research. This commitment is reflected in the University’s vision, mission, core values and objectives. Article 4c of the Moi University Act (1984) specifies the development and transmission of knowledge and skills through research as one of the major functions of the University. Pursuant to this provision, statute 12e of Moi University empowers the Council to promote and develop facilities to make the University a global Centre of research excellence. In order to achieve its mandate in research, Moi University aims to promote a vibrant and productive research environment that positively contributes to national industrialization and development goals by putting in place appropriate structures for effective research funding and management of research

activities. It’s in line with this that the Directorate of Research under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (A, R & E) was established in the year 2014 to coordinate research activities in the University. The Directorate was previously known as the Department of Research & Development. In Addition, the directorate facilitates School Research Committees (SRCs) and collaborates with other directorates of the University: ICT, Postgraduate, IGERD, PSSP, Quality Assurance, Innovations Firm and International Linkages to harness the potential and strengthen the research capacity at all levels in order to compete nationally and globally in attracting research grants for the fulfillment of the University vision and mission.

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